About Hook and Cook

hook and cook concept fishing boat

Hook and Cook concept does not necessarily represent fast and cheap food. Through our festivals and restaurant, we offer a fusion of local ingredients in an interesting and different way.

Numerous famous Croatian and foreign chefs who enriched the gastronomic offer of the region through their participation in our festivals, bear witness and vouch for our brand. 

They have delighted thousands of visitors who enjoyed great food and summer vibes at the fishing dock in Medulin and our restaurant in Pula.

Our Hook & Cook brand enables you with an opportunity to taste a selection of dishes by renowned Chefs who maintain their high standards in preparing dishes just as if they were cooking in their famous restaurants and TV cooking shows.

It is a real privilege to watch them make colorful and tasty dishes out of local ingredients into works of art. These are not some average plates of food, they are a selection of genuine gourmet delicacies that would satisfy even the most discerning taste palette.

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