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Hook and Cook celebrates love for the sea and brings local fishermen, chefs, and friends together towards sustainable fishing goals and quality seafood. We catch and produce our Sardines and Seafood to encourage fishery improvement and educate people on seafood traceability, fishing tools and fishermen who caught them. Therefore, we thrive on transforming local fishing communities and reduce overfishing and seafood’s environmental impact for years to come.

hook and cook Sinisa-Cici Pavlovic


Hook and Cook is lead by a team of friends and co-founders Siniša Xixi Pavlović, Marko Domgjoni and Josip Urti.  

Sinisa and Josip grew up together, sharing their passion for sea life and fishing. Josip is a former Croatian champion in spearfishing, and Sinisa became the youngest captain on a commercial fishing vessel “Levan”.
Marko Domgjoni helped successfully set up the Hook and Cook festival and events while they built the Hook and Cook restaurant in the city centre of Pula.
Together, we are all trying to improve and enrich the local seafood gastronomy and sustainable fishing.

We are continuously progressing. Lately, producing branded Hook and Cook Sardines from the Western part of the Istrian peninsula helped us focus even more on sustainable fishing. Therefore, the idea is to enhance the seafood gastronomy and production of Hook and Cook Sardines in the future.

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